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Category: Seniors

Apr 21
Take this true/false quiz to learn what you know (or don’t know) about Medicaid coverage for long-term care needs.

#1: I can own my home and still qualify for Medicaid at-home care.Answer: True. For in-home care, you can own your home if it’s your primary residence. If you own other properties and they pass through your estate, Medicaid will recoup the cost of your care from your estate. #2: I cannot qualify for Medicaid because I […]

Apr 04
Croton Recreation Spring-Summer 2022 Brochure

Click here to see the full brochure Croton Recreation Spring-Summer 2022 Brochure.  

Apr 30
Croton Harmon Union Free School District Health and Wellness Committee SCREEN FREE CHALLENGE

This is a great challenge that the Croton Harmon School District Wellness Committee came up with.  Do you even remember the last time you went 24 hours without even looking at your phone?  Well here is your chance to prepare yourself and take the challenge!  Everyone in the community is welcome to participate.  The committee […]

Mar 29
Village of Croton Spring Recreation Brochure 2021 and Camp Registration!

The Spring 2021 Recreation Brochure is  now available on the village website! Registration begins April 1, 2021! Limited space in many programs, so register early! Click here for brochure Summer Camp Registration! This year our Day Camp and Tiny Tots program registration will be  held by lottery. Camp applications will be due by April 29th […]