You Have the Power

How is your life? Is it everything you expected? Are you happy? If your life is not going the way you wanted-no worries. You have the power to change it! It often feels that there is no way to get out of your current situation.

You are the creator of your own reality. It is merely a shift in perspective that will change your experience of your reality.

It is our unconscious belief system that keeps us stuck in the situation we are in now. Your thoughts create your reality. These unconscious beliefs can create results that you want and we don’t want to mess with those. Those beliefs may sound like “my life is easy and it flows” “things always go my way” “I always get the best for me” “I deserve the best”. But for your creations that you are not so enamored with you will definitely want to shift. They may sound like this- “I’m not good enough to have that” “I never get what I want” “I don’t deserve a good life” or “I’m responsible for everybody in my life”. Having underlying beliefs like these will create a life that you probably won’t be happy with.

The first step to changing your experience for the better is to uncover those beliefs that are creating an unwanted experience. Pay attention to your thoughts. You may, surprisingly and unexpectedly, catch yourself thinking in a negative way. Become a detective! Be relentless because once these beliefs become conscious, know that you have the power to change them.

Once you have identified those unwanted beliefs you may want to explore where those ideas came from. They are usually formed when we are very young and we do not have the capacity to process our experiences. It’s very helpful to look at those experiences with a new set of adult eyes and bust through those ideas that do not make sense anymore. If you experienced an unsafe situation when you were young you may interpret the world as unsafe. It is very difficult to build a successful happy life based on fear. When able to process through those fearful memories and realize that you are now safe, you will more than likely be more comfortable taking healthy risks in your life that may lead you to step into your passion.

If you grew up in a family where your needs may not have been met due to any number of reasons, you may feel not good enough or not worthy of a wonderful life-all unconscious of course. Uncovering these buried feelings can free you to feel comfortable to receive all the gifts the world has in store for you.

It is imperative that you take very good care of yourself when you begin this process of uncovering those negative beliefs. Be sure to have a supportive trusting person that you can share these feelings with as they surface. As quickly as you allow those feelings and negative beliefs to surface is as quickly as they will process and move on. Your fabulous life awaits.


Catherine AnesiCatherine Anesi, LCSW specializes in helping people transform their lives. She is a licensed clinical social worker and sees clients in her office in Croton. She also leads groups and retreats that aide in transformation. If you would like to contact her please email her at [email protected] or visit her website at and facebook at Catherine Anesi, LCSW, RM.