Memorial Day Specials at DePrez Wines

Memorial Day’s Just Around The Corner. Stock up with this wallet-friendly summer sampler. SAVE 20%

ONCE $162, NOW $129.99 (that’s below $11/b average!)

  • Petit Clocher Sauvignon Blanc (Loire)
  • Cesani Vernaccia di San Gimignano (Tuscany)
  • Nugan “3rd Generation” Chardonnay (Australia)
  • Quiinta da Alorna Arinto (Portugal)
  • Le Baron Cotes de Provence rose (France)
  • Borne Pinot Noir rose (California)
  • Argiolas Cannonau Rose (Sardinia)
  • Hacienda del Carche Cepas Viejas (Spain)
  • Tombacco Aglianico (Campania, Italy)
  • Cabalie Cotes Catalanes (Rousillon, France)
  • Solas Pinot Noir (Languedoc, France)
  • AltoSur Malbec (Tunpungato, Argentina)

Pick one up today!

Free delivery in a 10-mile radius; shipping will be subject to regular FedEx charges.

Memorial Weekend Wine Tasting with Rob this Saturday 3-7pm

Pinot blanc and Pinot gris from Germany,
Abruzzi white blend and Grillo from Sicily,
Malbec/Cabernet franc blend from Mendoza,
Panorama CDP knock-off

Friendly atmosphere – Light food – No obligation to buy, yet all wines discounted during the tasting!