Kids and the Summer Salad

As we welcome the month of June, time speeds up a bit as kids wrap up school for the year. There are graduations, parties and barbeques to enjoy and celebrate as we transition to the slower pace of summer. Moms, we know this means entertaining and bringing dishes to the parties we are invited to!

Fear not! Allow me to introduce you to your new pal, the EASY and versatile summer salad. Want to know the best part? Your kids can prepare it. Really. Just set them up with your choice of these ingredients, and give them a big salad bowl with a wooden spoon and then let them add, sprinkle, mix and toss (gently!). It’s part ACTIVITY for the kids, part lesson in SOCIALIZATION (“when we visit someone, we bring something, etc.”) and ONE less thing for you to do!

Ok, here we go! The salad can be an entree, too, for those days that you cannot bear to cook. Just add some chicken, sausage, boiled eggs, shrimp or cheese.

  1.  Start with your base. I love broccoli slaw or shredded cabbage for this. You can use baby spinach, romaine lettuce, mixed greens. I vote for the broccoli slaw because it comes already chopped up!
  2. Add a crunch! You can add sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds (pepitas), or your favorite nut if allergies aren’t an issue.
  3. Add some chewy! Choose cranberries, raisins or if you’re feeling ambitious, the kids can cut up dried apricots.

The kids will have fun adding the ingredients and they can do so with less than your undivided attention! You can use a creamy dressing of your choice and voila!!

Have a good time at the BBQ!

Sharon NDiaye Cooking with KidsSharon NDiaye teaches “Cooking with Kids,” hands-on international cooking classes for small chefs 3-6 years old and 7-10 years old, with an emphasis on providing new experiences and introduction to new foods.

Sharon teaches at New Era Creative Space (NECS) in Peekskill and “Cooking Around the World” at preschools and elementary schools. Check for class schedule. Sharon also leads private cooking and baking classes, small group classes, cooking birthday parties, as well as cooking enrichment classes for scout troops.

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