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KidderSec Technologies focuses on keeping you and your organization safe. We use a unique blend of experience, technology and education to create a synergy of tools and techniques to keep your organization free from malware, hackers, spam, phishing attempts, social engineering and cryptoware.

All organizations are at risk of being a victim of a cyber crime. If you have been a victim of a cyber crime, or are worried that your organization is at risk, there are steps that can be taken to prevent, detect and remediate these risks, making your business, your data and your staff safer.


We believe that different business have different challenges, and we offer different services to each client to fit your individual needs. We offer the following services to our clients:


We believe that educating users on cyber threats is a critical element of cyber security. With today’s threats coming from various sources such as email, phone calls, and social engineering, we will help educate your employees to act responsibly both in and out of the organization.

Most cyber threats start with an employee giving out too much information over the phone or clicking on a phishing email link, which will introduce malware.

According to various sources, 50-70% of all business have experienced phishing in their organization. Many of these organizations have also fallen victim to phishing, and have been infected with malware or cryptoware, putting the company’s information and profitability at risk.

These cybercrimes can be expensive, costing a company thousands of dollars in damages, and much more in lost profits and damage to their reputation.

By being on top of current cyber security trends in the field, we will educate your employees and management staff on how to spot suspicious activity, fake emails and phone scams, and help you deter them. Using an interactive approach, we will help your best defense, your people, become your most vigilant protectors for your company.


Detection of intruders in your company can be a daunting task. We will help evaluate your network, your processes and your environmental space to identify if any hackers are in your network and show you the areas where you could use stronger controls.

Keeping your network secure is a combination of intelligent technology and awareness. We provide both elements with this type of service using state of the art technology, and top of the line staff to show you how your network is at risk.

After the detection process, we will provide full disclosure report that will clearly identify strengths and weaknesses in your organizational IT infrastructure and processes. We will also present the report to discuss strategies that can be used to help close any security gaps.


Is your organization required to comply with regulations such as HIPPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, or Payment Card Industry Security Standard? Receiving results of an audit or a scan for compliance can be confusing. We can help you implement the remediation steps necessary in order to stay compliant in your company and to avoid the financial and reputation impact that can be caused by being in violation.

We will work with you to understand the report, and the steps necessary to pass the compliance scans. We will work hand in hand with your business to implement the necessary changes in a manner that minimizes business impact and risk.


Keeping a solid defensive strategy in your environment will keep your company assets safe. As your business processes change over time, so will your technology; and we will help keep that growth secure. Recommending monitoring tools, monitoring on your behalf, and identifying new issues in your environment are just some of the features we provide.

We will provide alerts to your company directly along with recommendations based on the trends seen both from other organizations around the world, as well as trends from your own environment.

We will also provide yearly penetration tests, using different skilled expertise to ensure that there is a full-coverage perspective using the latest technologies and trends.

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