Our Team

Top Members of our Growing Team!

Our Team

Owner and CEO of SuburbanGuides.com. SuburbanGuides.com is an online business directory advertising portal, designed to connect businesses to their community through town websites.   


Sonia Lee Garber

Town Publisher & Sales Team Member

Sonia Lee Garber is an accomplished, knowledgeable, Town Publisher and Sales Team Member for CortlandtGuides.com and PeekskillGuides.com

Marie Considine

Social Media & Editing Contributor

Marie is our talented editor and social media contributor and has extensive knowledge in community outreach which includes events and non for profits.

Pia Camille Biag

Accounting Master

At Suburban Guides, Inc., Pia is our Accounting Guru and we depend on her to assure our town website revenues and expenses are fully reported for each of our town sites.

Joanne Laxamana

Tech Guru

At Suburban Guides, Inc., Joanne is our Technology Guru and we depend on her to assure our websites are fully operational for each of our town sites.