Local Town Director: Laurie Weisz

Laurie Weisz

Laurie Weisz is the Director of CrotonGuides.com. [Laurie also happens to be a Co-Founder of Suburban Guides, Inc. (SuburbanGuides.com), the company that produces town websites such as CrotonGuides.com.]

Laurie grew up in Croton-on-Hudson where she lived with her mom and dad, sister and two brothers. After graduating high school, she left the area to attend college at Virginia Tech which led to a career in fashion. Laurie became a sales representative at Bucci Imports Ltd. for Bruno Magli; and later, she traveled the country as an Associate Buyer and Trunk Show Representative for Ferragamo at Saks Fifth Avenue. Following this, she lent her voice and became a character on a children’s show for PBS. After spending time writing and making people laugh, she met her husband.

Twenty years later, like her siblings before her, she moved back to her hometown with her husband to raise her family.

Upon return, she felt somewhat out of touch with what was happening in her community. That is when she created a flyer for moms that shared information about events in the town which included small ads from local businesses. This flyer for moms turned into a 64-page, free monthly magazine for the entire community known as Mom Offers More. The MOM magazine had a circulation of approximately 8000 covering the area of Northern Westchester County.

Laurie cultivated a following for community events, articles from local writers, business news and special sales. Over time, she sensed a need to share this information more often and more conveniently with her community. Laurie made a conscious decision to find a way to move her monthly magazine content to the Internet in a new way – and deliver better, more timely, and “town specific” information. She found a partner who had some similar ideas, and together they collaborated to build their first town site – which is the one your viewing – CrotonGuides.com.
As the Director of our CrotonGuides.com village site, Laurie is providing her words as to what this means to her:

“My experience living around the country has heightened my love for Croton. I feel a need to share what makes this village so special, and why people love living here. Whether you always lived here, are new to the area, or grew up here and came back to raise your children, this love for the community is what we all share. Croton is more than a NYC commuting town. This “walking village” on the Hudson brings all of our people together – a true community. It’s not unusual to see a friend or neighbor catching a cup of coffee at the Black Cow or walking to their favorite local shop or restaurant. Whether you are at Summerfest, taking a hike around the Croton Dam, enjoying music at Senasqua, watching a game at Dobbs Park, enjoying a play at the high school, or swimming in Silver Lake; you are bound to enjoy both your activity as well as the many community members you meet along the way.”

This “Mayberry” home town vibe is what makes this village special.

Laurie’s goal with CrotonGuides.com is to help everyone get the most out of our village: Croton-on-Hudson village. We share all types of town information for the benefit of all.