Checklist: 17 Service Providers You May Need When You Sell

When thinking of selling your home, these service providers may either be necessary or come in handy.  Consider what each might provide:

□ Real estate attorney

□ Appraiser

□ Home inspector

□ Mortgage loan officer

□ Environmental specialist

□ Lead paint inspector

□ Radon inspector

□ Tax adviser

□ Sanitary systems expert

□ Occupancy permit inspector

□ Zoning inspector

□ Survey company

□ Flood plain inspector

□ Termite inspector

□ Title company

□ Insurance consultant

□ Moving company


Used with permission from Kim Daugherty, Real Estate Checklists and Systems,



Reprinted from REALTOR® magazine ( with permission of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®.


Copyright 2008. All rights reserved.