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M.O.M. Magazine gets in-depth with The Lighthouse Retreat and Wellness Center

Q. Tell us what inspired you to open The Lighthouse and explain its mission? A. The Lighthouse Retreat and Wellness Center was born after I started a journey to transform my own life. I had successfully created the life I thought I wanted, working as an executive in corporate America… Read more »

From Broken Heart to Fresh Start – Tips for Getting Through Your Break-Up

“Losing love Is like a window in your heart Everybody sees you’re blown apart Everybody sees the wind blow”     Paul Simon, Graceland Many people have experienced the hollow feeling that follows the irreconcilable break-up of a relationship. It is often accompanied by hopelessness or depression. If you are there,… Read more »

Tips to Raising Fit and Healthy Kids

Reading news about childhood obesity always makes me worried. The most recent statistics show that at least 42 million children around the world are obese and this figure just continues to grow. This is very alarming because obesity does not only affect a child’s self-esteem and self-image. Most of all,… Read more »

Real Parenthood and the Illusion of Perfection

Realistically we know perfection doesn’t exist, but this fact does little to stop many of us from falling prey to feelings of inadequacy when observing someone who we think is more attractive, smarter, craftier or more skilled in an area than we are.  There are no awards given out for… Read more »

AAA – Roadside Assistance on the Highway of Love: Affection, Appreciation, Adoration

At any point along a couples journey they might find themselves in need of a relationship Jumpstart.  Deep inside you love each other, but your daily relationship might be fraught with frustration, aggravation, or resentment.  You might find yourself in a rut, and wondering what happened to all the love… Read more »

Your Summer Shoppers Guide To Produce

Growing up, my mother never had the dilemma of choosing between conventional or organic produce for her family. Ever since chemical fertilizers made their way onto the farming scene, farmers have been able to grow much more food with less effort. Little did we know, this would come at a price to… Read more »

Are You A People Pleaser?

After a long winter, Spring has finally arrived. The season often associated with renewal and rebirth is a great time to reconnect with yourself and identify what’s stopping you from being your most amazing self. One of the most common obstacles that people, especially mothers, identify with is being a… Read more »

Coolifying Your Kid — What It Really Means and How You Can Help

As far as this generation’s kids are concerned, there are only two types of kids in school and everywhere else: the cool kid who belongs to the cool crowd, and the unpopular kid whose name you’ve never heard of because he just kind of blends into the background. Growing up… Read more »

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