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Growing a Herb Pharmacy

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. – Hippocrates, father of medicine. Have you ever thought that the food you eat can affect the way you feel? As a nutrition and health coach, I witness the healing properties and nutritional benefits that foods can offer to enhance… Read more »

Lyme: Prevention and Treatment with Lymphatic Drainage

We are all surrounded by information about Lyme Disease. How to prevent exposure by using DEET containing products, wearing long pants and light colored clothing. How to prevent ticks from latching on by taking showers quickly after spending time outside, do an invasive tick check, tumble clothes in a dryer… Read more »

Climb out of the Darkness

If asked to associate words or phrases with motherhood, few would use the words darkness to describe the experience but in reality about 1 in 7 women dealing with post partum depression/other perintal mood disorders might. For starters, Post Partum Depression is different than the baby blues which is a… Read more »

Is Your Relationship Suffering from T.A.D.? – Technological Abandonment Disorder?

There is no actual diagnosis by this name, but I am referring to a widespread and pervasive situation that effects many couples. This is the problem that arises when one or both members of a couple spend so much time on their technological devices (cell phones, computers, or tablets) that… Read more »

You Have the Power

How is your life? Is it everything you expected? Are you happy? If your life is not going the way you wanted-no worries. You have the power to change it! It often feels that there is no way to get out of your current situation. You are the creator of… Read more »

GYOF – Grow Your Own Food: Get Inspired by the Season

May is the month I get inspired to grow my own food. Now more than ever, with our food sources becoming impure by genetically modified foods (GMO’s), pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and the likes, growing your own food (GYOF) affords you high quality, fresh produce. GYOF has many benefits. It keeps… Read more »

A Spoonful of Sugar

Songs that my kids request me to play over and over inevitably wind up stuck in my head despite my best intentions to keep them separate. A Spoonful of Sugar from Mary Poppins has become part of this repoirte of songs I’ve collected. I’ve realized after listening to the song… Read more »

M.O.M. Magazine gets in-depth with The Lighthouse Retreat and Wellness Center

Q. Tell us what inspired you to open The Lighthouse and explain its mission? A. The Lighthouse Retreat and Wellness Center was born after I started a journey to transform my own life. I had successfully created the life I thought I wanted, working as an executive in corporate America… Read more »

From Broken Heart to Fresh Start – Tips for Getting Through Your Break-Up

“Losing love Is like a window in your heart Everybody sees you’re blown apart Everybody sees the wind blow”     Paul Simon, Graceland Many people have experienced the hollow feeling that follows the irreconcilable break-up of a relationship. It is often accompanied by hopelessness or depression. If you are there,… Read more »

Tips to Raising Fit and Healthy Kids

Reading news about childhood obesity always makes me worried. The most recent statistics show that at least 42 million children around the world are obese and this figure just continues to grow. This is very alarming because obesity does not only affect a child’s self-esteem and self-image. Most of all,… Read more »