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Whether sprucing up the garden or renovating an entire house, here’s where you can find ideas and more from local people in the Croton on Hudson area.
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Growing Veggies in Containers: Hilltop Nursery & Garden Center

Growing Veggies in Containers: Hilltop Nursery & Garden Center

Do you dream of a delicious, homegrown harvest but don’t have the land to use? No longer should a shortage of garden space prevent you from growing your own fresh vegetables. As long as you have a sunny location you can have your own mini-farm on your porch, patio, deck,… Read more »

SuburbanGuides.com for Northern Westchester Magazine

SuburbanGuides.com for Northern Westchester Magazine

Thanks to technology we now have the capability to share local information daily (or even continuously), so the natural progression for our readers and advertisers is to change with the times. Follow us as we embrace the ability to be seen on your phone at any time of the day… Read more »

Growing A Spring Pantry

May is the month I get inspired by the season to grow my own spring pantry. One of the many benefits is being able to step outside my kitchen and harvest edible herbs to enhance my culinary creations. Herbs are packed with essential vitamins and nutrients to use for more… Read more »

Six Simple Staging Rules for Furniture

This blog is focused on staging a home for sale, but I have found that many clients like the way their rooms look after staging. Many have said that they will continue to live that way in their new home. So if you are reading this to arrange furniture in… Read more »

Home Updates That Increase Market Value

When we first meet with clients interested in selling their home, we do a “market preparation” consultation. Sellers generally want to know what home updates they can do to increase the value of their home, but want to be sure that the changes ill positively impact sale price. We have found that home owners often… Read more »