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  As you may have heard the Coronavirus has disrupted the financial markets and interest rates are at historic lows.   This situation has created an opportunity to save money by refinancing your mortgage.  For those of you who have higher rate mortgages and plan on staying in your home 4-5… Read more »

COVID-19 ECONOMIC LIFELINE – Individual Stimulus

COVID-19 ECONOMIC LIFELINE – Individual Stimulus

  Here are the basic points of the new economic stimulus money that individuals will soon be receiving from the government: Everyone over 21 years old and making up to $75,000 will get $1,200 from the government.  If you make more than $75,000, the amount starts to phase out until… Read more »

New rules for retirement plans starting in 2020

We are starting the new year with a new law congress recently passed that mainly affects retirement plans and distributions from retirement plans.  The law called the SECURE Act begins after December 31, 2019.  The major parts of the SECURE Act are outlined below. The RMD age is changing The… Read more »

If it doesn’t make money, it doesn’t make sense.

The importance of small business accounting Have you heard the saying, if it doesn’t make any money it doesn’t make sense? I don’t know who said it, but when it comes to business, no statement could be truer. Most people who start businesses do so with the plan to make… Read more »

Property You Should Not Include In Your Will

There are many types of property that should not be included in your will, property that you may not realize is, or should be automatically earmarked for distribution upon your death. Jointly held property: A house or a bank account that is in joint names with another person will pass… Read more »

Is it time to REFINANCE?

Is it time to REFINANCE?

Rates recently dropped and for some, this may be an opportunity to lower your rate and monthly mortgage payment saving tens of thousands of dollars over the life of your loan.  Generally, the more you owe and the longer your time horizon for keeping the mortgage, the smaller the spread… Read more »

Will Medicaid Pay For In-Home Care?

Nancy is 91 years old and lives alone in her own home. Her family tells me she now needs 24-hour care at home, but they think she cannot qualify for Medicaid benefits because she (a) owns her home; (b) has money in the bank; (c) has an IRA; and (d) collects… Read more »

It’s Not Just About College Tuition. Why You Need Health Care Proxies for You and Your 18 Year Old

Imagine that while your 19 year old son was away at college, he developed an illness, or suffered an injury.  His doctors/hospital will not give you any details about his condition because he is over 18, and the college will not give you any information about his classes, tuition payment… Read more »

Summer Time Tax Tips

While you are basking in the beautiful sunshine we are experiencing this summer, you can think about ways to save on your tax bill this year. Here are some deductions and credits you can take advantage of in the summer of 2018: Summer Camp – The cost of day camp… Read more »

Pros and Cons of a Bi-Weekly Mortgage

A biweekly mortgage program is an option offered by lenders to allow you to make half your mortgage payment every 2 weeks.  There are 26 weeks in a year, so you end up making 13 payments. That 1 extra payment credited towards principal after many years ends up saving many… Read more »